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[22 Jan 2012|12:18pm]

Just some new pics of adie from twitpic.

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Another pic from the Stooges night [12 Apr 2010|09:27pm]

Found another pic from the Rock & Roll Fame night with the Stooges

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Adrienne Billie Joe PICSPAM. [22 Feb 2010|06:42pm]

A ridic amount of Billie Joe and Adie pics. 200+ Feel free to add your own. PLEASE.

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More Pics of Adie and Billie @ the Walk for Climate Change [16 Dec 2009|02:55pm]

I found some more pics of Billie and Adie in Australia at the Walk for Climate Change that was on Dec/12/2009

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Source: http://paulcush.wordpress.com/2009/12/12/green-day-walk-against-global-warming/
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Adrienne and Billie Joe in Australia Dec/12/2009 [13 Dec 2009|07:19pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Here are some pics of Adrienne and Billie at a Walk for Climate Change and just hanging out in Sydney Australia on Dec 12th

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Source: Adrienne Armstrong fan page on Facebook

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Cute pic [01 Dec 2009|01:59pm]

Trying to get this place going a bit. Adie needs some love!!
Just thought I'd share a cute pic of Adie and Billie

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Pic of Adie [30 Nov 2009|10:09am]

Here is a pic I just came across of Adie watching her son, Joey, in his band Emily's Army. Unfortunatly there is another person kinda blocking her

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Intro [30 Nov 2009|10:05am]

[ mood | working ]

I know this place is dead, but im doing this anyways

Name or Nickname: Jennifer, everyone calls me Jenn or Jennie
Age: 25
Favourite Adeline Band: Don't know
Why you love Adie: Lots of reasons, she's a strong women, her love of the environment, her chairty work, she's gorgeous...etc..
Anything else about you: nope!
Photo ( optional! ): n/A

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New photos of 80! [09 Aug 2009|04:29pm]

Just wanted to share some new photos of Adrienne. Is this place dead? Is there another one that is active?

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New video [27 Mar 2007|12:51am]

Porn I mean Activism.
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Cover of Punk Rock Confidential [28 Nov 2006|05:36pm]

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Thanks to ellarivers @ favorite_son.

lol I didn't notice she was measuring his inseam at first :-|
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[12 Nov 2006|02:04am]

New Adie + Billie picture from thelackey. Please make sure you're sitting down.

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Meme [10 Nov 2006|01:31am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

There's an LJ "meme" going on over at mouseykins1's LJ that says:

Okay, here's how it works: Someone posts a name of a celebrity, let's say Johnny Depp. People can respond to that comment saying "IAWTC" or "He's so hot!" or, in this case, "He can shiver my timbers any time!" You can even post a picture as proof of their hotness. However, it doesn't have to be someone you find hot; you could post "George Harrison" because you love his music to the point where you have an actual crush on him (although George Harrison was totally hot). It's kind of like a survey. You can only post one name in a comment, but you can post multiple comments. Try not to repost a name.

Anon commenting is on, for those of you too ashamed to confess your secret loves. As always, pimp and participate!

I posted.

Obviously. Anyway, you guys go post your favourites! Don't forget to read through and make sure they haven't been posted. So far no Green Day related names have been posted as of the 15th page. So go for it!

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Adie is Love ♥ [14 Oct 2006|01:23am]

Name or Nickname: Tracy ♥
Age: 21
Favourite Adeline Band: The Network
Why you love Adie: Adie, honestly, is my role model in a sense. I am in a long distance relationship and things get hard. There are times when I just don't think I can do it anymore and I'm ready to give up, but then I stop and think about Adrienne and Billie. They have it much harder than we do, and they make it work so beautifully. I've never seen two people so in love and it inspires me everyday. She has saved my relationship so many times. I just strive to be as happy and as loving as she is in my own relationship. Also, she is one of the most beautiful people I have ever laid eyes on. She is so real and so sweet.
Anything else about you: I'm from Massachusetts and music is my passion and my first true love. I love new friends, so feel free to add me if you like ♥

Photo: I love you's not enoughCollapse )
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Latest Adrienne Pictures [13 Oct 2006|07:52pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

That's Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje with them in the middle :). He's hot stuff on Lost.

Thank you to arohex for these. Please see her journal for full sized HQ!

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[06 Oct 2006|11:29pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hey its Adie's B-Day!

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Newbie lozl [11 Aug 2006|05:38pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Name or Nickname: Courtnee
Age: 15
Favourite Adeline Band: The Network
Why you love Adie: Because she's such an insipiration.
Anything else about you: I'm rad
Photo ( optional! ):

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[05 Aug 2006|06:29pm]


Frank Iero .. kind of the sex. yep. Had to make a community to get my girlgasms out. You should join.
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New Arrival! [05 Aug 2006|11:14pm]

Name: Amber
Nicknames: ALF, BAMBI
Age: 15
Favourite Adeline Band: The Network
Why you love Adie: She's a goddess, beautiful and seems like a great person.
Anything else about you: no.
Photo (optional): Nah, have no photos 
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[23 Jul 2006|09:16pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Name or Nickname: Meghan
Favourite Adeline Band:Soviettes and Jesse Malin
Why you love Adie:I just think that she's cool because she seems independant and willing to follow dreams of her own.
Anything else about you: No not really haha
Photo ( optional! ):

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